Journal Entry:Back to writing

Slowly but surely I am working my way back to my passion of writing. My time away from writing has been off and on due to life. I have worked a little on pieces here and there. But when I do find time to write I wind up going back over what was already written. I have a very bad habit of having so many story and novel ideas in my head, that I don’t always fully finish one story of novel. Which in some ways is bad. But I also find that if I do not write when inspired my actual idea is lost among tons of other random thoughts and then life sneaks in and steals it away.

The last couple of years of life have made me yearn for more. Not only from life but from my passions. I’m a writer by heart and nature. But also my creativity speaks to beading, and now art. In some ways I believe a writer is always writing, if not on paper or computer, a story is being born inside their mind. A fantasy world that must eventually escape into reality and become said book, or story. Like tonight for example, sitting back watching T.V. I became inspired to get back to writing. The urge to create ever present I knew I needed to at least blog, if not begin another story, or follow through with one that’s already been started.

Do other writers work on more than one project at a time? Or is this a madness of my own creations? I often wonder if I will one day leave some works unfinished. And that does nag at me. I want to feel accomplished as a writer, an author. I want my work read by many and to feel that someone would gain some form of happiness from my stories. Publishing is a major goal as always but not so much so to make money but to see my work and name in print and know that, that part of me is out there in this world.

I also sit back and look at my published works and wonder if I have somehow failed a bit at marketing. I have been self published for 3 years as of this coming December and haven’t had many actual sales of the book. And while money isn’t my primary goal, the feeling of accomplishment does tend to come better with sales of the book. If no one is buying it, it’s sitting unread. However, I am not discouraged. I will not back down from my goal of seeing my work become successful. I simply need to work harder at marketing and getting the word out.

Hopefully my readers enjoy this journal entry and my blog. Feel free to comment. And to like my posts. The support is awesome!

Journal Entry-Random Thoughts

As someone who has always loved writing, i wonder to myself lately why I’m dragging my feet when working on the novel.  One answer…my mind is everywhere!  Now how do I put my focus back to writing?  Well for one thing, I’m actually proofing/editing my own work at the moment.  Now, while all kinds of advice columns and articles will say this is a no-no, get a pro to help, one thing to consider is I am a mom of two boys, with little income and unfortunately my passion “suffers” a bit for it.  However I refuse to believe that the pro editor is the only way to go.  Maybe I’m just too stubborn to believe everything has to work the traditional way.

I got off track a little there.  But it’s not to say I’m not actually writing at the moment.  I find I’m inspired to write at even the oddest moments, and a short story can fly out of me in 2 hours flat.  And then I have days where this got in the way, that got in the way…my toddler had a screaming fit with my 7 year old.  I will say practice is a number one rule in bettering yourself in writing.  Rather fiction or non-fiction.  And you should write something everyday, if you want to hone your skill.  Yes I procrastinate…and yes I’ve had writer’s block.  Then bam, a weird dream I had one night will inspire a short story…or at least get me pecking at my laptop keys.  Either way, the simplest thing got me writing.  Rather the dream inspired story pans out or not, it got me back to my passion…didn’t it?  I will also pat myself on the back that even if i don’t type one word of my (currently hand-written) draft up for it’s 2nd draft, I do at least look back on what I do have done so far, once daily.  Even if it means re-proofing.

Does anyone else drag their feet when writing?  Or in doing a second draft?  If so, what do you do to get back on track?  How do you keep motivated?  And what are your thoughts on self-editing and self-proofing vs a professional editor?