Urge to write but…

Have you ever had a strong urge to write but then not know what to write, or where to start? I’ve been there. I love writing. I’m perhaps a bit too creative. At 39, I find the urge to create feels stronger than it ever did when I was in my twenties. I love making bead jewelry and drawing trees and other fantasy art. And as of late I find I spend hours on something creative. But for a long while now my urge to write is there but its as if my slate is blank. Sure, I’m blogging and that’s awesome and also is good practice for writing. However it also hit me, I should be working on my novels, or a short story, or something like that. Because I’ve left writing on the back burner for a little too long.

Slowly but steadily I am also getting back to writing. I did write an article recently for an online magazine. And that was a good step to continuing my passion. I also have found I like editing. Not just my work but others’ work as well. But of course, English was always my fave subject in school and I did well with it, so I suppose no surprise I would like to write as well as edit.

So I feel my advice is to basically find some form of writing when you feel you’ve gotten off track. Though you could also do some reading. Reading as we all know helps to make you a better writer.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and my blog and that it’s helpful to my readers.


I have been editing work for others via literotica and am finding I quite enjoy editing. I feel reading other people’s work also helps to refresh my love of reading, writing and just the passion of the written word overall. I’ve always loved helping others and to be able to take that to the point of editing is a new thing for me. Editing my own work came from the need to keep cost down and still be able to publish my work, my way. That’s not to say paying someone to edit your work is the wrong way to go…because it’s not for those who have the needs and/or cannot edit for theirself. There is nothing wrong with reaching out for professional help. And I will definitely be humble enough to say they get paid to do something they have a far greater knowledge in. With that being said, that’s not to say all is lost if you cannot afford a professional editor. And for me I felt the need to go ahead and put myself out there and help the best I can.

Loving editing 🙂