Published Author

So, I finally have A Killer’s Saga, as well as a book of poems published and I’m very proud of both.  It feels nice after so long of working on my writing to finally have some of it out there and samples of it already being downloaded and hopefully enjoyed.  I can honestly say even this early on self/indie publishing is a nice experience.  It was not difficult to set up the book of poems nor my novel for self publishing. Smashwords makes things very convenient and easy.  For a while now I already had the novel fully edited and proofread.  I only needed to format it for the types of files it was being uploaded as and BAM, published!  It feels awesome to say I am now a published author not just a writer.  I am also looking forward to helping out as a volunteer editor as Literotica. I enjoy reading and helping others. I also fully edited my own work and feel if I can help someone out, why not.

For anyone who reads/follows my blog, feel free to go check out both of my books, i’ll link them below.  There is the option to download a portion of both for free.  Hope you read and enjoy the sample portion and if you like it perhaps leave a review 🙂