I have been editing work for others via literotica and am finding I quite enjoy editing. I feel reading other people’s work also helps to refresh my love of reading, writing and just the passion of the written word overall. I’ve always loved helping others and to be able to take that to the point of editing is a new thing for me. Editing my own work came from the need to keep cost down and still be able to publish my work, my way. That’s not to say paying someone to edit your work is the wrong way to go…because it’s not for those who have the needs and/or cannot edit for theirself. There is nothing wrong with reaching out for professional help. And I will definitely be humble enough to say they get paid to do something they have a far greater knowledge in. With that being said, that’s not to say all is lost if you cannot afford a professional editor. And for me I felt the need to go ahead and put myself out there and help the best I can.

Loving editing 🙂

Getting back to writing and multi tasking life

So, i been working on many little projects, writing wise.  A few of them short stories, a couple may turn novel length i’m not sure yet. for me, i’m overly creative and can come up with a ton of ideas in a short time.  but i have a very bad habit of leaving a work alone for a long while.  now on one hand this can be good, leaves me time to get away from it and re read the work later to make revisions as i see fit. on the other hand i no longer write my stories out on paper, so if i leave something too long i kinda lose touch with where i may have been going with the specific story.  this drives me nuts, i can’t stand not knowing where i was originally gonna go with a story.  i think this stems from the fact that i lost a work in progress (when i moved home from oregon) that was at least fully thought out and well on its way in the process of it’s first draft.  worse over it was about to be the 6th in my series.  it took me a really long time to drop my anger over losing it and sometimes i still get pissed because i lost all that precious prep for the story.  my original thoughts for it are somewhat gone.  even if i do re create the 6th book it will probably never be exact.

aside from that, i finally got back to my detective kade series, and am currently working on what will become a final draft of the second book in the series.  mind you i have 5 of them written up and proofed…on paper. the first is finished and i’m now looking into possibly having it published very soon as an ebook.  i’m excited, anxious and nervous all at one time.  i would love to know how well its received and am anxious to see if people fall in love with my stories or hate them lol.  the awesome part will be having my work out there for everyone to read.  i can’t wait to finally say i’m published as an author even if the novel doesn’t do as well as my hopes for it.  i do hope anyone who follows my blog is enjoying the excerpts i added and i may try to add some new ones soon.