About The Novel Series

A Killer’s Saga:The Calling Card Murders, is the first in what is so far a five book fictional series.  It focuses on Detective Jordan Kade as she hunts down one serial killer in the first half of this novel.  This killer, far from afraid to kill is killing couples, each double homicide is unique making it hard for Jordan to put together the pieces.  Her only clue tying each murder to the next is a series of calling cards.  While hunting this killer Jordan must deal with her personal life, and a soul-mate who drifts in and out of her life.  Her faults and insecurities come to light as she tracks a madman seemingly out to get her.  “His” calling cards taunting and even threatening the Detective as she comes ever closer to solving the case.  High profile case and the pressure is on as even people closest to the Detective cannot be ruled out as a suspect.  This killer drives ever closer to Jordan personally as he also begs to be caught.

The second half of the book takes place after Jordan has solved the biggest case of her career and seems to have things back in order.  Just when life is comfortable her whole life is spun back into the drama of a new hunt for a new serial killer.  This killer making her question reality and even her sanity as each murder is eerily similar to those of the serial killer taken down in “book one” half of this novel.  Vengeance motived killings and again with the calling cards…will the madness ever end?  Complicating things is Jordan’s personal life once more the center of attention for a power hungry killer.  Jordan, now a mother and wife, has a whole new life to protect and stand strong for.  Again the detective feels under attack as she hunts a killer who seems to know her moves as well as she knows theirs.  What’s the connection to the first calling card killer?  Why the eerily similar calling cards?  Only world renowned Detective Kade can find the answers and hope that she brings a killer to justice before more die.

An erotic thriller that pulls you into and weaves the story around a manhunt and the life of a detective trying to solve the case while her own world becomes intertwined with each move the killer makes.

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