Writing attraction and reactions in Erotica and what makes it “work”

What I feel is a number one thing that makes erotica work is definitely take from your own human emotions. What draws you to another person sexually? How do you feel when attracted to someone? Does your heart beat faster? Of course it does. And not necessarily because of a love type emotion. But because something about them attracted you and your body reacts in many ways. Subtle reactions occur as well. When I’m attracted to someone I tend to grin and feel excited as well.  All of the emotions and reactions can be written easier than it seems.  {Sally brushed the hair away from her eyes. This was a nervous habit of hers when around a hot guy.  She shyly looked him up and down and grinned.  Her mind went everywhere from wondering how he looked nude, to how the caress of his hand on her cheek would feel and her heart began to quicken with each thought.  She felt naughty but in a delicious way.  She wasn’t the bold type and therefore just lusting him openly she was sure her cheeks were flush, they sure felt fire hot.}

While that’s a very short example I could go on and on, I’ve always been a very talkative and with writing, wordy, person. But my main idea to convey is that you can express attraction in many ways. And that while you can bring it out from your imagination of how your character would react, if you’re new to writing or looking to sharpen skills, work from how you, yourself react when attracted to someone.  You can never fail with true emotion and experiences.  The example piece above comes from a bit of me. As a high school student and even before then I was shy and felt awkward around guys.

However I do feel you can realistically write emotions and reactions that are wildly different and that you have to put imagination into.  Let’s use my example again but change it up for Sally to be more bold and open.  {Sally flipped her hair off her shoulder. She was feeling flirty today and it showed even in how she dressed.  The white button down shirt she wore was unbuttoned and unabashedly showing her cleavage.  The lace of her bra peeking out.  She brushed a hand across the mini skirt that barely covered her ass cheeks and grinned at how naughty she felt and how being naughty was nothing new to this girl.  She looked Brady over head to toe as he installed new windows in her apartment.  She ached to know how he looked out of his shirt, how those muscles she could see, would feel pressed against her breasts.  She was dying to unzip his jeans and put her hands on him.  Just the thought of doing such things to Brady made her flush, and heat in her cheeks wasn’t the only thing hot and bothered about her.  She wanted him badly and wondered if he knew it even as she eyed his hot ass longingly.}

In my second example our Sally becomes a wanton, lustful girl, the type you could see not being afraid to go after Brady.  And I feel while I show some of the same signs of attraction in both examples, you can easily see a drastic change in how she portrays that attraction.  Our first Sally shyly examines him while having heated thoughts and reactions. But everything about her isn’t shy {She felt naughty but in a delicious way.} This simple sentence shows she could easily come out of that shell and still go after what she wants.  Our second Sally reacts in a manner that makes the reader assume Brady will be in her bed before the windows are finished.

I feel good erotica should make you at least assume what’s coming next just by how the character reacts.  I also feel that it doesn’t need to be spoken word to get across the point of longing and desire.  The hardest part is probably describing things we wouldn’t know normally unless we could read the person’s mind or somehow see the attraction. Another good trick is other small reactions such as licking your lips, or biting your bottom lip.  Little habits we have as humans that show lust and longing.

This may seem like I’m going off topic, but with our first Sally (if this was an actual piece I was writing…) the next scene you might find she throws Brady to the couch and starts kissing him feverishly and then cut to Brady’s voice saying something like “I need to get the bedroom windows from my truck.”  snaps her from what we come to realize is our shy Sally fantasizing being bold enough to have her way with him. And I could go on with written subtle hints of attraction I used as examples like: Sally bit her lip as she quickly stole a glance to his ass while he walked out the door but knew she needed the space from him even momentarily.


Another way of showing attraction is through a mix of spoken words, emotions and reactions.  I’ll use our bold Sally for this example.

{Sally bit her bottom lip when Brady turned to her now and said something about going out to his truck.  She had to admit she hadn’t realized what he was saying more than the part about his truck.  Her tone was softer than normal with a hint of phone sex operator as she replied.  “Mmm will you be working on the bedroom today?”  she felt she sounded silly asking that but it was too late now.  He laughed and with a for the second time type of tone, he said, “Yes, I’m going to get the bedroom windows now.”  Sally wasn’t sure why she moaned her words when around him but she was well aware she did this.  Even saying the simplest things and for any man who had known her intimately knew when she was aroused, or horny even.  She watched as Brady returned and made his way to her bedroom.  She couldn’t help but to look at his muscular arms as he carried the windows in, and admired his tattoos.  From the kitchen she called out to him “Would you like some tea?”  Even while asking him something so innocent her mind was elsewhere.  She thought of running ice down his broad chest and licking drops of water from him.  And although she hadn’t meant to, a moan escaped her now.}

I could also easily write this same scene with our shy Sally. And for the changes I would most likely make her nervous asking him things. Her tone would convey a woman who feels more insecure asking him anything.  She might even stammer some words, or say “um or uh” before saying would you like some tea? I might make her aware of how she is behaving but feel bashful that she’s behaving this way.  And if I had shy Sally moan I may even go a little dramatic and make her try to cover why she “moaned.”  But with either Sally it would be more than obvious she wants Brady.

What I feel makes it work, with either version of Sally is another point I’ll make. Rather Sally is boldly attracted to him and unafraid to show it, or shy reserved and worried he’ll know, I would write her unafraid of feeling and reacting to her attraction to Brady.  I feel it’s very normal to make your female character feel just as lustfully attracted to a man as a man would be to her.  Just because we typically view guys as the ones who would be staring at the woman’s ass or imagining getting her in his bed, doesn’t mean our female characters cannot feel just as sexual even if in a shy more tamed approach I still show Sally having very bold thoughts and feelings. Our shy Sally still longs to know what Brady looks like nude, imagines she could throw him to the couch and make out with him.

Making it work is a matter of making the reader feel as hot and bothered as Sally does.  Making them feel awkward as shy Sally but still knowing she would like to make love with him.  And while it’s very acceptable to write attraction as the female or male having arousal type reactions I wanted to show  a range of ways you can also express other ways people react. It can be done in stages this way as well. From a small escaped moan, to Sally being so bold as to go after what she wants and actually push him down onto her bed and run her hands all over him while kissing him passionately.  Or she could go to hand him his tea spill it on his shirt and while helping him take it off they share a kiss that turns to a day of slow sweet lovemaking.

In whatever way you convey attraction it needs to feel real and perhaps even intense. It needs to be something the reader comes away from and goes “wow.” Something they remember well because you express it in  a way that makes your reader connect, bond or long to be that character. I hope that I was able to show more than  one convincing way to write attraction that gives other writers a method to work from and hopefully some helpful tips.


I have been editing work for others via literotica and am finding I quite enjoy editing. I feel reading other people’s work also helps to refresh my love of reading, writing and just the passion of the written word overall. I’ve always loved helping others and to be able to take that to the point of editing is a new thing for me. Editing my own work came from the need to keep cost down and still be able to publish my work, my way. That’s not to say paying someone to edit your work is the wrong way to go…because it’s not for those who have the needs and/or cannot edit for theirself. There is nothing wrong with reaching out for professional help. And I will definitely be humble enough to say they get paid to do something they have a far greater knowledge in. With that being said, that’s not to say all is lost if you cannot afford a professional editor. And for me I felt the need to go ahead and put myself out there and help the best I can.

Loving editing 🙂

Published Author

So, I finally have A Killer’s Saga, as well as a book of poems published and I’m very proud of both.  It feels nice after so long of working on my writing to finally have some of it out there and samples of it already being downloaded and hopefully enjoyed.  I can honestly say even this early on self/indie publishing is a nice experience.  It was not difficult to set up the book of poems nor my novel for self publishing. Smashwords makes things very convenient and easy.  For a while now I already had the novel fully edited and proofread.  I only needed to format it for the types of files it was being uploaded as and BAM, published!  It feels awesome to say I am now a published author not just a writer.  I am also looking forward to helping out as a volunteer editor as Literotica. I enjoy reading and helping others. I also fully edited my own work and feel if I can help someone out, why not.

For anyone who reads/follows my blog, feel free to go check out both of my books, i’ll link them below.  There is the option to download a portion of both for free.  Hope you read and enjoy the sample portion and if you like it perhaps leave a review 🙂



A Killer’s Saga got approved for premium and will now go out to retailers

So excited to say the book will now be going out to retailers. Really excited to finally be published! It’s been a dream for so very long and now my work is out there to share with all of you 🙂


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Anxious…About to Publish

So I’m very close to self publishing A Killer’s Saga.  In some ways I’m a bundle of nerves, but at the same time anxious.  I’ve worked on this book and the following ones in the series for about 10-12 years now.  I’ve always wanted to see it in print(or otherwise published) and to see what others think of a book that was and still is my baby, before I had babies.  I’ve worked on the first one so long and hard, perfecting this and that. Well, as “perfect” as one can make something.  But even after all the proofing, editing and long hours of re reading it and even re working it to make it better as I’ve grown older and wiser about some things, one thing remains unchanged…my love for the story I’ve written and the characters I’ve created.  I fall in love with them and their world each time I work on my “Kade” series.  For so long I was afraid to share my work with anyone.  For a lot of reasons, fear of rejection, fear of my work not being taken seriously and down to the simple fear of “it’s not good enough.”  I opened up to re writing portions of it into what has now made it into an erotic detective novel.  When I began writing I wasn’t truly writing with all the style and creativity inside me.  Due to letting my husband read the full first novel and helping to proof it, I was able to open up and become a writer more realistic to the person I am.

I no longer hold back in what i write.  I literally let the words flow onto the page from my heart.  And I actually feel that’s one bit of advice to stand up to.  Your writings should never be inhibited.  Same as our world grows and changes, so can writing and it’s audience.  And even though I sit here still nervous as hell what readers will think, how they’ll react, i will always know what I have written will always be immortal in my eyes and true to the vision I had for it.  My novels will always be my babies…something I defend with my all, look forward to seeing grow and become more, and something I will always love unconditionally. 

Another thing pushing me to publish finally is that I know I would never be happy if all the stuff I have written sits and collects dust, never read by anyone but me and my hubby…I’d never feel complete as a writer.  Even if my book doesn’t sell well, it’s out there and being read hopefully.  I love the thought of making a reader as happy reading my work as I have been writing it.  I already enjoy my husband reading things that I’ve written that are so close to my heart, and knowing he enjoys them too.  It’s also been awesome having someone in my life with the same passion for writing as I have and he’s been a blessing in helping proof my novel.

Lastly, I’ve changed and grown as a writer.  I look at my own work with such a different eye now.  I’ve been able to look at things through my hubby’s eyes and even from the male perspective.  I totally suggest if you seek someone to give an opinion on your writing, definitely seek someone of the opposite sex for a completely different view on what you write.  All people think differently, but there is a very distinct difference in how men view things versus women. (I mean that of course in a totally positive light.)  One example i can give, is when I’ve written something that is from the male perspective, now while i feel confident in my writing, it really helps to get a real male perspective on things.  And not only getting a male perspective, but a readers view on things too.  There have been many occasions where my husband has suggested a re wording or an add on that I feel really adds to the full novel as a whole.  If there’s one tip I can pass on, its that just because a line or maybe even a whole portion of your novel or story works perfect in your mind, when you allow someone else to read your work, they can show you a whole new light on it.

Well this is me…anxious and soon to publish, wish me luck and feel free to comment on my post, I love feedback.

deep thoughts that came out of no where

its funny how the mind works when u’ve spent most of ur day being treated like shit by someone. sittin here thinking and thought to myself, we ask kids what they wanna be when they grow up (yea yea we’re asking career wise) but think for a min if u could answer that now giving thought to what u have become or still wish to and with respect to all of your life so far. here’s my answer, when i grow up, i’ll be emotionally abused for many years by someone who is supposed to love me n defend me with his life(ie my “father”) when i grow up i will be the mommy to two wonderful boys, not perfect mom but the best i can be. when i grow up i wont have money to shower my kids with spoils but instead will be the mom who tells them the difference between someone who truly loves u and those who try to buy ur love. when i grow up i will have found the love of my life, my twin flame, and guess what he won’t always do everything right, i may have times he hurts my feelings or says or does something that makes us fight…but guess what else? he’s my one and only truest of true loves, he’s the one i ache for when my heart feels like it’s dying and he’s the one who’s hand i gripped so tight while having our son that i didn’t even know i was holding his hand. so last of all when i grow up…i’ll be ME.