Getting back in the swing

Like telling your kid to keep pumping their legs to keep a playground swing going, a good writer needs to keep their swing going and therefore needs to keep pumping out new works of writing. Rather that be working on short stories, novels or just simply a blog. Writing is something you can so easily get rusty at. If you’re a writer you already know that ideas flow constantly, sometimes less frequently but nonetheless, the mind of a writer is always pumping along.

For a long while now life has been too busy and a bit stressing to focus on writing. I look at Facebook memories where I posted on being hard at work on prepping A Killer’s Saga for publication and I thought God I miss writing. I used to press myself so hard to get the ideas on the page or even with editing. I haven’t worked on any writing for quite some time and that actually makes me feel bad.

So it’s time to pick myself up and get back on the writing horse. At the moment I’m pumping myself up to get back to work and it’s my hope to at least lay down a few good chapters and perhaps even do some editing today.

Love to those who follow me and I’ll leave a link on where to find my self published works.

Journal Entry:Back to writing

Slowly but surely I am working my way back to my passion of writing. My time away from writing has been off and on due to life. I have worked a little on pieces here and there. But when I do find time to write I wind up going back over what was already written. I have a very bad habit of having so many story and novel ideas in my head, that I don’t always fully finish one story of novel. Which in some ways is bad. But I also find that if I do not write when inspired my actual idea is lost among tons of other random thoughts and then life sneaks in and steals it away.

The last couple of years of life have made me yearn for more. Not only from life but from my passions. I’m a writer by heart and nature. But also my creativity speaks to beading, and now art. In some ways I believe a writer is always writing, if not on paper or computer, a story is being born inside their mind. A fantasy world that must eventually escape into reality and become said book, or story. Like tonight for example, sitting back watching T.V. I became inspired to get back to writing. The urge to create ever present I knew I needed to at least blog, if not begin another story, or follow through with one that’s already been started.

Do other writers work on more than one project at a time? Or is this a madness of my own creations? I often wonder if I will one day leave some works unfinished. And that does nag at me. I want to feel accomplished as a writer, an author. I want my work read by many and to feel that someone would gain some form of happiness from my stories. Publishing is a major goal as always but not so much so to make money but to see my work and name in print and know that, that part of me is out there in this world.

I also sit back and look at my published works and wonder if I have somehow failed a bit at marketing. I have been self published for 3 years as of this coming December and haven’t had many actual sales of the book. And while money isn’t my primary goal, the feeling of accomplishment does tend to come better with sales of the book. If no one is buying it, it’s sitting unread. However, I am not discouraged. I will not back down from my goal of seeing my work become successful. I simply need to work harder at marketing and getting the word out.

Hopefully my readers enjoy this journal entry and my blog. Feel free to comment. And to like my posts. The support is awesome!

Urge to write but…

Have you ever had a strong urge to write but then not know what to write, or where to start? I’ve been there. I love writing. I’m perhaps a bit too creative. At 39, I find the urge to create feels stronger than it ever did when I was in my twenties. I love making bead jewelry and drawing trees and other fantasy art. And as of late I find I spend hours on something creative. But for a long while now my urge to write is there but its as if my slate is blank. Sure, I’m blogging and that’s awesome and also is good practice for writing. However it also hit me, I should be working on my novels, or a short story, or something like that. Because I’ve left writing on the back burner for a little too long.

Slowly but steadily I am also getting back to writing. I did write an article recently for an online magazine. And that was a good step to continuing my passion. I also have found I like editing. Not just my work but others’ work as well. But of course, English was always my fave subject in school and I did well with it, so I suppose no surprise I would like to write as well as edit.

So I feel my advice is to basically find some form of writing when you feel you’ve gotten off track. Though you could also do some reading. Reading as we all know helps to make you a better writer.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and my blog and that it’s helpful to my readers.

Published Author

So, I finally have A Killer’s Saga, as well as a book of poems published and I’m very proud of both.  It feels nice after so long of working on my writing to finally have some of it out there and samples of it already being downloaded and hopefully enjoyed.  I can honestly say even this early on self/indie publishing is a nice experience.  It was not difficult to set up the book of poems nor my novel for self publishing. Smashwords makes things very convenient and easy.  For a while now I already had the novel fully edited and proofread.  I only needed to format it for the types of files it was being uploaded as and BAM, published!  It feels awesome to say I am now a published author not just a writer.  I am also looking forward to helping out as a volunteer editor as Literotica. I enjoy reading and helping others. I also fully edited my own work and feel if I can help someone out, why not.

For anyone who reads/follows my blog, feel free to go check out both of my books, i’ll link them below.  There is the option to download a portion of both for free.  Hope you read and enjoy the sample portion and if you like it perhaps leave a review 🙂

deep thoughts that came out of no where

its funny how the mind works when u’ve spent most of ur day being treated like shit by someone. sittin here thinking and thought to myself, we ask kids what they wanna be when they grow up (yea yea we’re asking career wise) but think for a min if u could answer that now giving thought to what u have become or still wish to and with respect to all of your life so far. here’s my answer, when i grow up, i’ll be emotionally abused for many years by someone who is supposed to love me n defend me with his life(ie my “father”) when i grow up i will be the mommy to two wonderful boys, not perfect mom but the best i can be. when i grow up i wont have money to shower my kids with spoils but instead will be the mom who tells them the difference between someone who truly loves u and those who try to buy ur love. when i grow up i will have found the love of my life, my twin flame, and guess what he won’t always do everything right, i may have times he hurts my feelings or says or does something that makes us fight…but guess what else? he’s my one and only truest of true loves, he’s the one i ache for when my heart feels like it’s dying and he’s the one who’s hand i gripped so tight while having our son that i didn’t even know i was holding his hand. so last of all when i grow up…i’ll be ME.

Getting back to writing and multi tasking life

So, i been working on many little projects, writing wise.  A few of them short stories, a couple may turn novel length i’m not sure yet. for me, i’m overly creative and can come up with a ton of ideas in a short time.  but i have a very bad habit of leaving a work alone for a long while.  now on one hand this can be good, leaves me time to get away from it and re read the work later to make revisions as i see fit. on the other hand i no longer write my stories out on paper, so if i leave something too long i kinda lose touch with where i may have been going with the specific story.  this drives me nuts, i can’t stand not knowing where i was originally gonna go with a story.  i think this stems from the fact that i lost a work in progress (when i moved home from oregon) that was at least fully thought out and well on its way in the process of it’s first draft.  worse over it was about to be the 6th in my series.  it took me a really long time to drop my anger over losing it and sometimes i still get pissed because i lost all that precious prep for the story.  my original thoughts for it are somewhat gone.  even if i do re create the 6th book it will probably never be exact.

aside from that, i finally got back to my detective kade series, and am currently working on what will become a final draft of the second book in the series.  mind you i have 5 of them written up and proofed…on paper. the first is finished and i’m now looking into possibly having it published very soon as an ebook.  i’m excited, anxious and nervous all at one time.  i would love to know how well its received and am anxious to see if people fall in love with my stories or hate them lol.  the awesome part will be having my work out there for everyone to read.  i can’t wait to finally say i’m published as an author even if the novel doesn’t do as well as my hopes for it.  i do hope anyone who follows my blog is enjoying the excerpts i added and i may try to add some new ones soon.

Journal Entry-Thoughts and Advice from experience

Inspiration: Inspiration is something personal of course, and so it should be, because it’s something that gets your mind going and makes you write. I’ve probably been writing poetry since i was about 13, and a lot of my poems are on love, unrequited and lost love and as of recently, true love.  So that all came natural, a bunch of feelings poured onto the page in rhyme form, from experiences of my love life.  Rather it be a guy I cared for, one I wanted to be with, or my best works, from the love I have and share with my husband of 3 years. I’ve been asked so many times how do I write poems so easily?  Easy? Sometimes (I wanna laugh on how simple it could be.)  But I for one have to be inspired when it comes to poetry.  Only on rare occasion have i just written a poem without it coming from my own feelings.

Then there’s my works of fiction…On some level I have to be inspired, yes.  But for me it feels like ideas are always flowing through my mind, even while I’m working on a different book or story.  And with my novels and short stories I actually can sit down and pop out some kind of writing, with or without true inspiration behind the piece.  The difference is, rather or not it’s my best work.  Probably not, no.  But it is practice in wording, grammar, spelling…all the little basics down to character building.

Writer’s Block: I’m sure we’ve all had it and I’ve been asked by other friends who write, how do I get passed my own writer’s block.  One of my worst forms of writer’s block is to start a novel or story and not go back to it for the reason of being stuck mid story.  Funny enough, I find if i set the piece aside and work on something else, then go back and re read what i had done on the “writer’s block” piece, I’ll be re reading and go “Oh yeah, that’s where I was going with this one….”  And suddenly I’m back to work on the one story I got stuck on.  And when that doesn’t work, the only advice I have is not to scrap the piece, but rework it.  Rather reworking it means starting over with the idea and making it work, or using the whole idea in a new way.  Maybe the whole storyline sucked (be honest with yourself) but the characters are well-developed and are so great that you’re attached to them and they must have their own fiction world in your library of work.  Scrap the storyline and rework those great characters in a new one that will become something to love.  Yeah, reworking the storyline will be daunting, maybe seem overwhelming, but I’m betting the end result is something you love so much that it becomes something so much more than just a novel or story to you.  I guess all of this is my remedy to writer’s block.  Another is the advice we all know, write anything, just to keep yourself writing and honing skills.  Good advice?  Yes, of course.  And simple to do. Even writing a journal or blog can be a form of honing those skills.

Write what you know: While this is the most basic and realistic advice there is, I fight this theory to a point.  Now let’s not go dramatic and per-say try to write a non fiction book on “Being Mommy,”  if your a man who has no children and doesn’t know the first thing about parenting.  That’s a model for write what you know.  However, fiction opens us up to a world of huge possibilities where we’re able to stretch the limits and boundaries within reason.  I don’t have to know what it’s like to be a Detective and to hunt down a serial killer, if my research and imagination can give the reader a realistic book w/o the experience behind “being” my character, and having walked in her shoes.  Am I saying fiction allows you to skip the write what you know rule? No.  A part of me goes into each and every book or short story I write.  Simple things, do I know what it’s like to deal with sibling rivalry?  Yes I do (I grin looking at my two dueling sons.)  Do I know how it feels to need coffee just to start my day?  Yes! (I am so grouchy if I haven’t had that first cup.)  It’s obvious how those two simple things help me write something I know.  My Detective lead character feels grumbly and lost without her caffeine fix. As for the sibling rivalry example, that one opens up plenty of ideas based on life situations.  So, yeah write what you know, what you don’t know you can research and even sometimes stretch the limits.

Wow just when I thought I could end this thought, another one hits, same topic…

Write what you know probably is one of the biggest, most heard and best given advice, ok I won’t fight that point. and yet as a writer we are challenged with writing and creating believable characters, even when the character may be completely unlike us.  How do we do that? (fake screams) Best advice I ever read was to study people…how they walk, talk and behave with others.  And if you know them personally, how they react to certain situations.  Every morning when i drop my son off at school, i have at least 20 mins before my ride picks me up.  People watching time!  Now that could sound so creepy yes, but remember I’m talking about observation.  Everyday some of the same people pass by my son’s school.  Rain or shine, one passerby is always on his unicycle.  (he would make a good character basis)  My advice, grab onto any little observation like my example and boom you just may have the start of a character, or a quirk for a character you have already modeled.  Don’t be afraid to at least stretch that old “write what you know,” rule.

well that’s my thoughts for now.

Journal Entry-Random Thoughts

As someone who has always loved writing, i wonder to myself lately why I’m dragging my feet when working on the novel.  One answer…my mind is everywhere!  Now how do I put my focus back to writing?  Well for one thing, I’m actually proofing/editing my own work at the moment.  Now, while all kinds of advice columns and articles will say this is a no-no, get a pro to help, one thing to consider is I am a mom of two boys, with little income and unfortunately my passion “suffers” a bit for it.  However I refuse to believe that the pro editor is the only way to go.  Maybe I’m just too stubborn to believe everything has to work the traditional way.

I got off track a little there.  But it’s not to say I’m not actually writing at the moment.  I find I’m inspired to write at even the oddest moments, and a short story can fly out of me in 2 hours flat.  And then I have days where this got in the way, that got in the way…my toddler had a screaming fit with my 7 year old.  I will say practice is a number one rule in bettering yourself in writing.  Rather fiction or non-fiction.  And you should write something everyday, if you want to hone your skill.  Yes I procrastinate…and yes I’ve had writer’s block.  Then bam, a weird dream I had one night will inspire a short story…or at least get me pecking at my laptop keys.  Either way, the simplest thing got me writing.  Rather the dream inspired story pans out or not, it got me back to my passion…didn’t it?  I will also pat myself on the back that even if i don’t type one word of my (currently hand-written) draft up for it’s 2nd draft, I do at least look back on what I do have done so far, once daily.  Even if it means re-proofing.

Does anyone else drag their feet when writing?  Or in doing a second draft?  If so, what do you do to get back on track?  How do you keep motivated?  And what are your thoughts on self-editing and self-proofing vs a professional editor?