Sharing some poetry

Hey readers I thought I would share some poetry of mine and perhaps even get some feedback. First I’ll let you know a little about me as a poet. I write from the heart, from my strongest feelings and am usually inspired. I do not usually just write about things or everyday life. I tend to write about love or heartbreak.

Bound Angel


Rebecca Conrad

My body a prisoner…I lie here in wait for you…
My heart, my hand, my life, my soul are all held captives to you…
I could fly away…soar to you only in my dreams
My wings are bound by circumstance…trapped so far from you.
You will free me from my bindings…take all my pain and torture away.
Your love rescues me and mends my broken wings.
You love me with a faithful heart…an undying devotion you have given to me alone.
My body a prisoner…I lie here in wait for you…
I would wait an eternity if only to be within your arms again…
I am bound by nightmares which I cannot awake from…
I am only free when you and I are together as one…
My heart, my hand, my life, my soul are all held captives to you…
Here I am forever bound until you make the miles apart a distant memory.


Love In Full Bloom


Rebecca Conrad

I was in no need of weaving a spell on you.
Yet what we have and share is indeed magical.
I am in no need of tricking you.
You know me inside and out, as I know you.
I am not blindly loving you.
I see just as clearly as you, what deep and meaningful connection we will share eternally.

This love no longer a beginning.
Yet has no end.
Our sweet love is in full bloom.
It grew in a moment, was deep in an instant.
This fully bloomed love, is my greatest of joys.




Rebecca Conrad

We walk together hand in hand, as we have for nearly four years now.
Again with you, I’ll say a vow.
What a beautiful day it will be when I become yours all over again.
(to my husband with love)

All three of these poems can be found in my book of poetry which is self published on Smashwords. I will paste the link here.




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